Old Barnwood for our frames for the Old Colorado Flags

Our Story

When you live off the land for generations, nature has a way of staying in your blood. The western slope of Colorado is our home, and it’s no surprise that our family-owned company works with our hands. Our grandparents lived as farmers, ranchers, builders and miners. They harvested their fields, grew orchards and raised cattle; producing all their own vegetables, grains, meats and preserves. Along the way, they taught their children an appreciation for simplicity and natural beauty. We hope that appreciation is reflected in the craftsmanship of the rustic barnwood frames that we produce for you.

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Our Flags

Colorado Weathered Flags

We create our “weathered” Colorado Flags by hand in Paonia and Delta, Colorado. Each flag is created to look old, faded and historic(hand sewn). Matched with our reclaimed barnwood frames, these flags will bring Vintage Colorado right to your home.

Our Frames

Reclaimed Barnwood Frames

Our local craftsmen use reclaimed wood from old structures around southwest Colorado to make our barnwood frames by hand. The wood in your “new” frame could be over 150 years old!  Reclaimed wood is nostalgia itself.  The wood we use to build your frame might have come from a dairy barn somewhere out in Paradox CO or perhaps originated from a milking barn above Delta CO. Or did I mention the 100 year old siding on that blacksmith shop in Telluride! We match each custom frame to the “weathered” flags they surround for a genuine vintage feel.