Custom Barnwood Frames

Custom Barnwood Frames

Reclaimed Wood: Our master craftsman scour the western slope of Colorado for old wood sheds and barns. We knock on farm doors, and sometimes get yelled at, but often the old farmer says “young fella go right ahead!” The wood varies in color and thickness and “paint flecking” but boy, do we get some great looking pieces of wood.

Variety: From the look to the size, each frame has its own character. We have our standard sizes on hand, but can also build just about any custom size you’d like. If you want an 18×48 inch frame, we’ll build it for you, so just ask and we’ll hop in the shop make what you want! We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver beautiful, well-built frames at reasonable prices.

Our Custom Frames from the western Slope of Colorado

Aged to Perfection: Part of the appeal of any Barnwood Frame is the fact that it has a story. Our frames are built from authentic, rustic Barnwood that is collected from all over the Western Slope of Colorado. The wood in your “new” frame could be over 150 years old!  Reclaimed wood is nostalgia in itself.  The wood we use to build your frame comes from many interesting sources. A dairy barn out in Paradox, CO, a grain barn above Delta CO or even the 100 year old siding on a blacksmith shop in Telluride, CO!

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